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Smart Steps Buddy Bot™ 2-in-1 Push Walker

JMD $12,500.04
The Buddy Bot 2-in-1 Push Walker deigned by Smart Steps is perfect for children 9 months and up! It helps little ones learn how to walk and balance while building their core strength. More importantly, it also serves to improve their cognitive skills and hand and eye coordination. The Buddy Bot is designed as a 4-wheel push walker that comes with an easy grasp handle to provide the comfort needed for little ones while learning and playing. This friendly robot comes with a variety of fun mechanical gears and switches that lead to different visual and sound interactions to teach children cause and effect skills. The Buddy Bot also includes buttons for lights and music, and a flip book with shapes, letters and numbers to help build cognitive skills. This toy is perfect for on the go use as it folds flat and compact for minimal storage capacity and ultimate portability.