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Medela SoftShells, for Flat/Inverted Nipples

JMD $4,462.50
  • INNOVATED TO EFFECTIVELY ADDRESS SORE OR FLAT/INVERTED NIPPLES: Medela SoftShells are designed to specifically help and support moms with flat or inverted nipples who wish to breastfeed their little one – our breast shells help to comfortably draw out nipples and can be worn continuously during waking hours in between nursing and/or pumping sessions
  • SOFT, FLEXIBLE DESIGN FOR SUPERIOR COMFORT: Engineered with flexible silicone backs, Medela SoftShells fit closely around your nipple and apply gentle, consistent pressure that gradually draws out flat or inverted nipples to help you nurse more easily
  • DISCREET BENEATH CLOTHING FOR A NATURAL APPEARANCE: Low-profile design ensures a natural appearance under clothing for enhanced privacy and discretion; large vents allow air to circulate freely while reusable inserts absorb leakage
  • MADE WITHOUT BPA: Like all other Medela breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breast milk, our SoftShells are – and have always been – made without BPA

Medela Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads, 4-pack

JMD $2,500.00
Advanced Nipple Therapy™ with soothing gel pads Breastfeeding is a bonding experience for mom and baby. During the first week or so, mothers may experience nipple tenderness. This could be related to normal postpartum skin changes or breastfeeding complications. If tenderness occurs, Tender Care hydrogel pads offer cooling relief and protection to tender nipples.

Medela SoftShells, for Sore Nipples

JMD $4,462.50
  • Designed for sore nipples
  • Soft, flexible backs
  • Natural appearance under clothes
  • Made without BPA. Ventilation holes allow skin to breathe, promoting healing
  • If using the SoftShells, do not feed the milk collected in the foam insert to the baby. Discard this milk

Dr. Brown’s™ Nipple Shields with Sterilizing Case

JMD $3,150.00
The one-of-a-kind Dr. Brown’s™ Nipple Shield with Sterilizing Case can help breastfeeding moms with many kinds of latch-on issues.