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Avent Newborn Natural Starter Set

JMD $11,550.03
The Philips Avent Newborn Natural starter set helps to make bottle feeding more natural for you and your baby. The wide breast-shaped teat with flexible spiral design and comfort petals allows natural latch on, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. Alongside the 4 natural bottles, this set also includes 4 teats with different flow rates, a brush, and a soother making it an ideal starter set.

Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle Starter Set

JMD $14,662.50
Whether feeding baby breast milk or formula, Nanobebe is the only line to fully equip you for both. With unmatched convenience and modern style, our Complete Feeding Set provides new parents with everything needed for successful bottle feeding from the newborn stage through early toddlerhood. It is the perfect bundle of baby essentials to add to your registry or gift any expecting parent. The Nanobébé Starter Set includes:
  • 4 Breastmilk Bottles (5 oz.) - Designed to preserve your breast milk nutrients and provide an all-in-one convenient feeding routine.
  • 1 Non-Electric Warming Bowl - The unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables quick, safe, and even warming without electricity (learn more about the science).
  • 2 Flexy Pacifiers (0-3m) - One-piece silicone construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for newborns.
  • 2 Breast Pump Adapters - Express directly into your Nanobébé bottles, connects to most standard breast pumps, including Medela and Ameda
  • 4 Slow Flow Silicone Nipples - Feature an advanced anti-colic venting system and a slow flow rate for newborns and breast-fed babies.
  • 4 Nipple Travel Covers - Take your fresh supply anywhere with your infant.
  • 4 Bottle Storage Caps - For use when storing and stacking bottles.

Medela Calma Feeding Set, Includes 2 – 8 Ounce Bottles, Made Without BPA

JMD $5,695.00
Calma is a feeding set that features a no-drip nipple and is compatible with all Medela containers. Calma is made without BPA and safe for the top rack of the dishwasher. Care Instructions: Plastic containers and component parts become brittle when frozen and may break when dropped. Plastic containers and component parts may become damaged if mishandled; e.g., dropped, over-tightened or knocked over. Take appropriate care in handling containers and component parts. Do not use if the plastic container or component parts become damaged. What’s Included: (1) nipple, (2) 8 oz/250 ml bottle, (1) cap, (2) lids

Medela Calma Feeding Set, Includes 1 – 5 Ounce Bottle, Made Without BPA

JMD $4,505.00
You can help ease the transition from bottle back to breast with the Medela Calma 5 oz. Breastmilk Feeding Set, which mimics your child's natural breastfeeding behaviors. With Calma, the milk will only flow if your baby works and creates a vacuum to remove the milk. This enables the feeding behavior learned at the breast to be used with Calma.
  • Vented nipple: Helps avoid gassiness as the bottle is vented through our unique air-control system.
  • Flow control valve: Allows baby to control milk flow. Milk only flows when baby creates a vacuum.
  • Calma doesn't drip: You can turn Calma upside down and it still won't drip.Your baby needs to apply a certain level of vacuum in order to get milk out.
  • One size/shape nipple: For all stages of Breast Milk feeding. The flow, shape and length of Calma are designed to suit your baby's needs as your baby grows.
  • Made without BPA: All parts that come into contact with Breast Milk are not made with BPA.

Dr Browns Options Narrow Bottle Gift Set

JMD $9,700.00
Your options have never been better with Dr Brown's Natural Flow® Options+ Narrow Baby Bottle. From nipple to base, the Options+ Bottle makes for a comfortable feeding experience for baby. Starting at the top, each nipple is specially engineered to offer the same consistent, natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feeding. The soft silicone nipple helps baby naturally latch while the anti-colic vent system lets baby feed without fuss. Together, they offer a reliable and trusted bottle feeding experience that makes Dr Brown's the #1 pediatrician recommended bottle in the U.S.

Dr. Brown’s 8 Oz Options Narrow Bottles, 2-Pack

JMD $3,550.00
Your options have never been better with Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Anti-Colic Options+™ Narrow Baby Bottle. The anti-colic internal vent system is clinically proven to reduce colic. Dr. Brown’s® bottles provide a more comfortable feeding experience for baby by decreasing spit-up, burping and gas.
  • Anti-colic vent system is clinically proven to reduce colic. Decreases spit-up, burping and gas
  • Breast-like nipple shape encourages a proper latch and provides a consistent flow so babies feed at their own pace
  • Comes with Level 1 Slow Flow Nipple, 0m+