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Write & Wipe : ABC 123

JMD $2,300.00
Write and Wipe ABC 123 shows children how to write the letters of the alphabet (capitals and lower case) and for each letter, provides pictures and words for children to trace. For the numbers, there are objects to count and both the numeral and the number word to trace.* Perfect for helping children who are learning to write their letters and numbers. * Comes with a wipe-clean pen that clips into the book.* The glossy board is easy to wipe clean, so that children can have lots of practice

TMNT Giant Colouring Book

JMD $345.00
These fun Crayola Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Giant Coloring Pages are filled with action-packed scenes. Lovable characters Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo romp through the book in a variety of exciting black and white scenes. Offer your child crayons or markers to bring the Crayola coloring pages to life. Each image depicting the cute crime-fighting group is packed with interesting detail to inspire lots of imaginative discussion.

The Nativity

JMD $2,200.00
Hammer and “nails” help develop hand-eye coordination skills

The Crown That I Wear KAmille Jackson

JMD $2,530.00
The story is set on a Saturday, hair washing day, when a young girl’s questions indicate to her mother who is combing her hair, that is it time to teach her daughter a lesson. The story meanders through the tale of our journey and associates our hair with the steps through our history to now, giving the young girl a vital lesson in what makes her who she is, evoking pride and respect for the journey, and her hair. It is told in rhythm and rhyme using words that will encourage learning, in a melody that sways from here to there- all the while keeping the rhyme.

The Christmas Story

JMD $2,200.00
The Christmas Story by Igloo Illustrated by Cherie Zamazing