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Boppy Multi-use Total Body Pillow, Grey Scattered Leaves

JMD $13,850.00
For mamas looking for all the plush comfort they can get. The Total Body Pillow gives prenatal and postpartum support everywhere you need it. The full body design provides maternity support for your bump, hips, lower back, and shoulders in one. Its contoured design supports you exactly where you need it. Angled to support your head and neck to relieve shoulder pressure. Curved to match your natural leg line when side sleeping, the Total Body Pillow pads your knees and aligns your hips to help alleviate hip and lower back discomfort. The pillow’s center is designed to cradle your bump as you and baby grow.

Boppy Full Body Side Sleeper Pillow, Mirage White and Gray

JMD $17,500.00
  • TOTAL BODY SUPPORT: Comfort for your head, neck, shoulders, hips, lower back, and bump
  • SIDE SLEEPING COMFORT: Signature supportive stretch panel grows with your changing body
  • EASY-UP DESIGN: All-around body support that allows you to easily get up for those nighttime interruptions
  • FLEX-SUPPORT: Provides flexible comfort without having to change the pillow’s position
  • FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE: Pillows and removable cover are all machine washable