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    Safety First The ComBrush

    JMD $1,549.97
    Sometimes your child’s lovely locks need a brush, other times a comb. With this convenient two-in-one combo, you have both right at your fingertips.  One side is a comb and the other side is a soft bristle brush making it easy for you to switch between your baby’s hair styling tools.

    Munchkin Tidy Dry™ Drying Rack

    JMD $5,100.00

    Cute, compact, and clutter free.

    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Angle clip design allows bottles to drip dry properly
    • AIR FLOW VENTILATION: Basket shelves maximize air flow ventilation for colic valves, pump parts, medicine droppers and more
    • STURDY BASE: Solid quality drying rack
    • EXTENDABLE TRAY: Serviceable tray base extends for additional items

    Philips Avent Baby Divider Plate

    JMD $2,210.00
    Encourages eating through fun learning

    Shhh… Portable Baby Soother

    JMD $4,100.00
    A mother's womb is actually a loud place, and is comforting to babies. When dealing with a cranky or colicky baby, loud, constant noise can quickly help calm them down, especially when the noise is louder than their own crying. The Shhh... was made to give parents a break and designed with science in mind. It features three specific sounds to first calm down an upset baby (shushing noise), lull them into a calm state (heartbeat noise), and eventually keep them asleep (white noise).

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